Who We Are

With Powered By YipDeals, there’s now a way for you to harness the incredible Daily Deals advertising wave, without the cost of building and maintaining the software or end-user support. When you use our private label daily deal service, you become the town hero by bringing brand new clients to local businesses, and by saving local buyers tons of money. The best part is you earn 12% of each voucher purchased, instantly.

We’re YipDeals and we understand Group Buying…we built our service for our own clients and have helped thousands of happy local businesses bring in new hyper-local customers. We believe passionately that local small business owners drive our economy and that word of mouth is the key driver for their success. Group Buying offers the most cost effective and timely way to obtain new hyper-local clients we’ve ever seen.

We know because we have years of experience building hosted websites and doing SEO and PPC management, offering coupons and shopping carts, and doing eMail campaign management and traditional print advertising. Every small and mid-sized local business is desperately fighting to bring in new clients from their neighborhood and we can tell you from experience, there is no more cost effective way to generate new local business than Group Buying.

Bring new business to your clients! Make Powered By YipDeals part of your hyper-local marketing solution.